- No one is asking what you wanted, anyway: Scream! till you feel it, till you believe it, Scream! and when it hurt's you: Scream it out loud! - They're always promising everything you never asked for - Back to Zero, your time's about to come: Let them know you're not just anyone, Scream! - Shut up! NO! 'cause you feel it, no! 'cause you belive it - Our freedom come to an end.. we, have to break down this wall - Too young to live a Lie . Look into my eyes - Ready,Set,Go! -The sky is changing we are one, togheter we CAN make it! - The final wall is breaking down, we are what it's all about, Nothing can stop us now! - I promise you right now: I never let you down - It's making me insane - To the end of time - Fighting the storm - When I lose myself i'll think of you - Just me & you - I see your vision in this light - I know i have to find you know, Can hear your name.. I don't know how - Why can't we make this darkness feel like home? - Hey! - We die we love is dead, it's killing me.. We lost a dream we never had - The world in silence - I scream into the night for you, don't make it true: DON'T Jump! - You open your eyes, but you can't remember what for - You lost yourself in your pain - You dream of the end, to start all over again - - Time to escape - Love the way you Lie - This is War - Open your eyes, like i open mine.. It's only the real world: A life you will never know! - I can be your Superman - It's not pink! it's fucking pomegranate! - I Believe - Can you Imagine a time when the truth run Free? - The birth of a song, the death of a dream. Closer to the Edge - Did you ever believe? Were you ever a dreamer?, Ever Imagine a heart open & free?! - Time to go to War! - Hurricane - Tell me what you kill.. to save for a life, Tell me what you kill.. to prove your right?! - I'm runaway from the light, i'm run away to save your life - Can you hear me? I'm screamin' from the top of the world! - I'm fisaclly, mentally, over obsessed with you! - There are days, when you feel so small, and you know! you can be so tall!: Silence CAN destroy, get up & raise your voice!: Make some noise! here and now, noise! to the world, noise! for all the things you believe it! - This gift is what you need, you're gonna be alright, eyes close.. And fall - Her first time on the edge. And closer to the edge. And falling from the edge - Just once more - To buy the Truth, And sell a Lie: The last Mistake before you die.. So don't forget to breathe tonight, Tonight's the last so say: good.bye - Save yourself, The secret is out - Here's the moment of Truth.. It comes in the air, It's always the same, it's so Insane. You cover your eyes, you fall inside, before it Begins it's Over - Anarchy in Tokyo - Try and Start a Riot, while you're beggin' for more - Crash,Crash, out of control. Come join in the War. Crash,Crash, out of control. Take it, Break it: A million or more - Lose yourself - They say the city is safe,the Keepers of Faith. The target is on your back: You're done - We're outta control - I will Disappear - I told you once and I'll say it again.. I want my message read clear.. I'll show you the way, the way I'm going - So I Run then Hide and tell myself: I'll Start again with a brand new name, And eyes that see into Infinity - I will Disappear -

......................... ..... · I WANT YOUR LOVE, UGLY, PSHYCO, DRAMA, HORROR. LOVE LOVE LOVE - I WANT YOU.

jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010

Qué es la moda? Quién la crea? Quién la inventa? existen millones de preguntas si te ponés a pensar aunque sea un poco.. pero, creo, que la mayor duda sería: Quién la sigue? Por qué? Con que propósito? De donde la sacó? Y por sobre todas las cosas: Quién fue/es el primero en seguirla-usarla-tenerla? .. Cuándo termina? Cuando empezó? Por qué empezó? y again: De donde carajo la sacaste? Será que se la viste a otro y ahí a otro y de ahí a otro y a otro y otro más?! Será como un "Fanatismo", una necesidad, que tienen las personas sobre otras en tener lo mismo?, en tener como un deseo en tener y usar, vestir.. seguir lo mismo?! Es como una especie de tener y de seguir como ídolo a esa persona desconocida que viste y te gusto lo que tenía?! O será el simple y más ""Lógico"(!)", hecho de verlo en todas partes y decir: "UUII yo también lo tengo que tener, entonces" pero now, talk in serious (?, no te dás cuenta de que así copías a los demás? O PEOR: Sos igual a los demás?! Come oooon! - Ahora, claro si tenés algo distinto sos o un emo puto, negro villa que dá asco (?, flogger de mierda, darki, punki, gótico, etcetcetc. Y empiezan los: "Nooo mirá esa cosa. Qué asco. Es chico o chica?". Es un ser humano más, punto. Con la diferencia, querido amigo, que no quiere ser igual que vos, pedazo de cornudo! (?. THE END :) 


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