- No one is asking what you wanted, anyway: Scream! till you feel it, till you believe it, Scream! and when it hurt's you: Scream it out loud! - They're always promising everything you never asked for - Back to Zero, your time's about to come: Let them know you're not just anyone, Scream! - Shut up! NO! 'cause you feel it, no! 'cause you belive it - Our freedom come to an end.. we, have to break down this wall - Too young to live a Lie . Look into my eyes - Ready,Set,Go! -The sky is changing we are one, togheter we CAN make it! - The final wall is breaking down, we are what it's all about, Nothing can stop us now! - I promise you right now: I never let you down - It's making me insane - To the end of time - Fighting the storm - When I lose myself i'll think of you - Just me & you - I see your vision in this light - I know i have to find you know, Can hear your name.. I don't know how - Why can't we make this darkness feel like home? - Hey! - We die we love is dead, it's killing me.. We lost a dream we never had - The world in silence - I scream into the night for you, don't make it true: DON'T Jump! - You open your eyes, but you can't remember what for - You lost yourself in your pain - You dream of the end, to start all over again - - Time to escape - Love the way you Lie - This is War - Open your eyes, like i open mine.. It's only the real world: A life you will never know! - I can be your Superman - It's not pink! it's fucking pomegranate! - I Believe - Can you Imagine a time when the truth run Free? - The birth of a song, the death of a dream. Closer to the Edge - Did you ever believe? Were you ever a dreamer?, Ever Imagine a heart open & free?! - Time to go to War! - Hurricane - Tell me what you kill.. to save for a life, Tell me what you kill.. to prove your right?! - I'm runaway from the light, i'm run away to save your life - Can you hear me? I'm screamin' from the top of the world! - I'm fisaclly, mentally, over obsessed with you! - There are days, when you feel so small, and you know! you can be so tall!: Silence CAN destroy, get up & raise your voice!: Make some noise! here and now, noise! to the world, noise! for all the things you believe it! - This gift is what you need, you're gonna be alright, eyes close.. And fall - Her first time on the edge. And closer to the edge. And falling from the edge - Just once more - To buy the Truth, And sell a Lie: The last Mistake before you die.. So don't forget to breathe tonight, Tonight's the last so say: good.bye - Save yourself, The secret is out - Here's the moment of Truth.. It comes in the air, It's always the same, it's so Insane. You cover your eyes, you fall inside, before it Begins it's Over - Anarchy in Tokyo - Try and Start a Riot, while you're beggin' for more - Crash,Crash, out of control. Come join in the War. Crash,Crash, out of control. Take it, Break it: A million or more - Lose yourself - They say the city is safe,the Keepers of Faith. The target is on your back: You're done - We're outta control - I will Disappear - I told you once and I'll say it again.. I want my message read clear.. I'll show you the way, the way I'm going - So I Run then Hide and tell myself: I'll Start again with a brand new name, And eyes that see into Infinity - I will Disappear -

......................... ..... · I WANT YOUR LOVE, UGLY, PSHYCO, DRAMA, HORROR. LOVE LOVE LOVE - I WANT YOU.

viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

Momentos: Qué son los momentos? Por qué están relacionados con la vida?
Supongo que serán preguntas existenciales..
Lo que sí (creo yo) se puede responder es: "Cómo se toman en la vida, cómo se sienten?"
Según como te los tomés, pero también, según como te marquen..
Para mí, a pesar de que halla feos recuerdos o cosas que te quieras olvidar:
Primero que es imposible olvidarse algo de tu vida
Y segundo: Que no sirve para nada porque por algo pasaron y además porque para algo te sirven.. Tal ves para que no hagas lo mismo, tal ves para que aprendas algo, para lo que sea.
Por lo tanto, yo me los tomo a todos bien.. Lindos y a otros como un aprendizaje que a todos les dá la vida.
Pobre para la gente mala, sin corazón.. Irrealista y para aquellos que dicen: "NO mires atrás"
Ya sé que tenés que mirar para adelante y pensar en el momento ser positivo y estar en el ahora.. No soy pelotuda
Pero si no mirás atrás, no vas a saber que hiciste mal.. O en qué te equivocaste
Y ahí empiezan los "Por qué a mí?" - "Qué hice yo?" - "Por qué me pasa esto a mí?"
Los momentos hay que VIVIRLOS. Sean: Buenos,malos,inesperados,decepcionantes,desinteresantes,importantes,inconvenientes, conocidos, repetidos, oportunistas, amados, tristes, iguales, distintos, sorpresivos.. Sean lo que sean:

# Yo voy a VIVIR el MOMENTO

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